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Announcing Future Frontier Fellow: Shawn Creeden

Texas; embroidery on fabric; 2011

We’re ecstatic to announce our newest future Frontier Fellow, Shawn Creeden! Creeden is currently living and working as an artist in Portland, Oregon, but he originally hails from Rhode Island. He plans to join us in Green River in October for four weeks! Creeden’s work is primarily in sculpture and embroidery focused on issues of the logic of boundaries, the Frontier, and native wildlife.

War Bridle, First Form; rope, leather; 2011

"Kill off the sacred bear. Kill off the ancestral crocodile. Kill off the myth-wrapped tiger. Kill off the lion. You haven’t conquered a people, or their place, until you’ve exterminated their resident monsters." - David Quammen, Monster Of God

La Matríz; Scent lure, wooden box; 2012

"Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent." - Judge Holden, Blood Meridian

The characters that inhabit Cormac McCarthy’s novels live lives that are often brief and filled with deep loss and pain. They are endlessly coming to grips with the common tragedies that befall them and us all. And while McCarthy reflects the cruel indifference of the universe and it’s gods towards the plights of humans, he also demonstrates with visceral candor humanity’s never-ending crusade to subdue our natural environment and bend it to our collective will. It is this precarious duality of both the hapless victim and brutal annihilator that I am exploring in this work.

Of Things Disturbed That Had Been Sleeping installation view. Solo show at the Manuel Izquierdo Sculpture Gallery, Portland OR, 2012

This particular group of pieces are part of my investigation into the tools and techniques of control used by humans both over the landscape and the creatures that inhabit(ed) it during the period of Manifest Destiny and in the time since the settling of the America’s western frontier. What does it mean to impose a semi-arbitrary logic on an often featureless landscape (West Texas, The Great Plains, etc)? How does it feel to come face to face with the deceptively and cruelly simple apparatus used to control and dominate animals, both the ones we make use of and live with, and those we loath and seek to destroy? Can a looped length of ¾” rope really bring under control a wildly bucking feral mustang?

Untitled #1; Barbed Wire; 2012

Embroidery is a meditative activity for me. The pace and attention to detail gives me a new perspective and demands a longer consideration of a given subject than my relatively quick drawings (which speak more to a lifelong, severe attention deficit). It is an art form capable of many contrasts, employed throughout human history by both the rich and the poor, for both functional and decorative purposes, and is capable of stark simplicity and deep, rich intricacy. My sculptures represent a different facet of this same exploration. Forgotten relics, handcrafted and life-worn, with implied though often unknowable histories. These objects become proxies upon which we project our understanding of this bygone era.

The Artist & his traps

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Frontier Fellow Report: Jamey Herman (Week 3)




We knew that the Jetty wouldn’t be visible this time of year, but I wanted to get a photo of the Jetty fully submerged. I am interested in how Robert Smithson created this piece so that it would be very difficult for man to control the experience of viewing it. His work deals with the idea of Man’s involvement with nature, and time. The Jetty’s difficulty to reach, and its unpredictable viewing times all become part of the artwork.


This is a monumental sculpture created by Swedish artist Karl Momen in the 1980s. It stands just off I-80 on your way west to Wendover, UT/NV. The spheres at the top are encrusted with a sampling of all the types of rocks commonly found in Utah’s geology.


I drove through this nearly 50mi stretch of Utah’s landscape, which was flat, desolate, bright white in color. The portion of I-80 used to access this region is a straight as an arrow expanse of freeway and all around you is the white flat hot ocean floor. Off into the distance, mirages, mountains and the curvature of the earth play on your perception. I HIGHLY recommend spending some time here! Photos do it no justice, though the film Independence Day starring Will Smith does.


Wendover is a town that occupies two states, It is simultaneously in Utah and Nevada. 


“The Center For Land Use Interpretation operates an interpretative research site in Wendover, UT as part of it American Land Museum.” There are two galleries to access, among other interesting site to see. Each gallery has artwork and research projects that deal with the landscape. Call (310) 839-5722 when you arrive.

-Jamey Herman, Frontier Fellow